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Living on a shoestring is living with little, it is surviving.

Shoestrings are an indispensable and humble object with enormous plastic possibilities. It is a continuous line of a solid color, flexible but consistent which maintain the form and the texture. They offer the opportunity to make a painting by weaving and embroidering the shoestring. The images contained here represent a philosophical moment for me

“Painting on a shoestring” is a reflection about the interaction between material, techniques and history of art. With an embroidery-like technique of studding, I have created art works that depict my emotional and intimate landscape at a specific moment of my life. The use of shoe laces is for me a different and personal way of painting but with a direct reference to this style. Instead of basing my technique on the swiftness of brush strokes, I have developed a technique that requires a slow process of creation and brings me into a state of introspection and meditation.